All products that we sell are fully supported by a warranty. Warranty details do differ between products, so please check each product page to find out the warranty details for that individual product.

All warranty claims must be done through our Warranty Claim Form. Your claim will be assessed as soon as possible and we will decide on the proper course of action for your circumstances.

What warranties cover:

  1. Manufacturing faults.
  2. Supply problems (eg: wrong item received, parts missing).

What warranties don’t cover:

  1. Accidental breakage.
  2. Breakage from abuse.
  3. Damage from incorrect usage.
  4. Any property or person outside of the goods sold.

Replacement of goods under warranty

Depending on the product, the issue and other factors, Home Improvement Warehouse will decide at our discretion to either:

  1. Replace the goods with the another of the same item.
  2. Replace the goods with another item of equivalent or greater specifications if the original item is no longer available.
  3. Repair the item at our expense.
  4. Refund the original purchase price of the item if no replacement items are available.

Warranty Claim Process

In order to process a warranty claim we will need proof of the defect. This must be submitted via our Warranty Claim Form, and must include evidence of the defect.

Once your claim is received, Home Improvement Warehouse representatives will review the information provided and decide on the next course of action. This may include:

  • Troubleshooting to check for incorrect use, installation or settings.
  • Requests for further testing by you.
  • Returning the item/s to our warehouse for testing and verification.