Set of 4 Reusable Shopping Trolley Bags Eco-Friendly Grocery Cart Carrier

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Set of 4 Reusable Shopping Trolley Bags Eco-Friendly Grocery Cart Carrier

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Plain old plastic bags are boring, shapeless, unorganised and are bad for the environment. And even recyclable shopping bags start to take up more and more space when your collection keeps growing and you have way more than you’ll ever use.  

Trolley Bags is an innovative solution for your shopping storage needs. This simple-to-use system of bags hangs on the back of your cart while you shop, Then, while your groceries are on the conveyor belt during checkout, you simply line your cart with the colour-coded trolley bags, and load your grocery items into each bag. To place the groceries in your car, just close each of the four bags and voila! Storing your groceries is as easy as 1…2…3…4…

You can even use these bags one-handed! The design of Trolley Bags allows each bag to stay open while being packed, so that you don’t have to wrestle with numerous shopping bags, making your checkout time at the market way more convenient. 

Now Trolley Bags are a go-to accessory for keeping grocery carts organised. And now, it’s Australia’s turn to jump on the Trolley Bag cart. 

  • Specially designed to fit supermarket trolleys. 
  • Top part of each bag is made of durable canvas with a netted bottom. 
  • Primary coloured bags make it easy to organise your groceries. 
  • Four smaller bags velcro together to create one large Trolley Bag that lines your shopping cart.


Bag Sizes:

  • L43*W20*H42CM Blue
  • L46*W20*H48CM Red
  • L49*W25*H53CM Green
  • L52*W29*H57CM Orange
Package Content
1 set X Trolley Bags

Note: Shopping Trolley not included.



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