2x Adjustable Nylon Handles


2x Adjustable Nylon Handles

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These adjustable handles are the perfect accessory for your home cable gym, or any other weight machine with selectorized weight tracks.

The handles are adjustable with 4D shaped metal rings that are 5mm in diameter, allowing the carabiner clips found at the end of most machine cables to be placed according to preference. 

The handles are 140mm In length and 38mm in diameter, thick enough to maintain their structure under the strain of extreme weight and wide enough to accommodate even the largest hands. 

The handles are also designed ergonomically, for maximum comfort. 

The durable nylon webbing is 340mm in length and 30mm in width, allowing for numerous applications. 

These handles can be used on jungle gyms, cable crossover machines, universal weight machines and many other cable gym options. 

These are the perfect choice for performing lat pulls, crossover flys, deltoid raises and just about any other pulling exercise imaginable. 

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1 x 2x Adjustable Nylon Handles

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